Waxing & Paraffin

Wax Warmers

Minipil – V10 Wax Warmer

by Silhouet-Tone
Heating elements at bottom and sides
Large Tank
Small Tank

Minipil Duo-V10

by Silhouet-Tone
2 tanks, 2 seperate adjustable thermostats
Large Tank
Small Tank

GiGi Wax Warmer

Professional warmer with adjustable thermostat control

GiGi Deluxe Double Wax Warmer

Two independant thermostats

Single Wax Warmer

With extra pot with lid

The Single Wax Heater

Large Tank
Adjustable Control

The Double Wax Heater

Large Tanks
2 independant Thermostats

Solo-Pil Wax Warmer

Large Tank
16 oz
4" Diameter

Small Tank
20 oz
3.5" Diameter

2 Yr Warranty

Duo-Pil Wax Warmer

High quality, long lasting unit manufactured in Canada.
For the professional salon.
Two thermostats for independent temperature control.

Large Tank #41201 US
16 and 16 – 4” diameter

Small Tank #41201 C
20 and 20 – 3.5” Diameter

2 Yr Warranty

Depiléve Basic Wax Warmer

With lid.

GiGi Basic Wax Warmer

Multi-purpose for all wax formulas

GiGi Digital Wax Warmer

Professionally designed warmer features digital temperature control for auto-melt, as well as manual control. Includes transparent cover.


Removable Metal Pot

For melting wax or paraffin
Fits most large tank warmers

Container Insert

with handle & lid

Wax Protection Rings

white plastic (not shown)

Universal Fit for most Warmers

(not shown)


#411660 for small hole

#411661 for large hole

Wax Pot Handle

For easy holding and lifting

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