Manicure & Pedicure

Star Nail

Acrygel UV gel

Pink 1 oz

White 1 oz

Clear 1 oz


Acrygel strengthening powder

Pink 2 oz (net 1.6 oz)

White 2 oz (net 1.6 oz) #859
Clear 2 oz (net 1.6 oz) #860

UV Gel Seal

Universal UV-light coating cures in 2 minutes. Easily applies over any acrylic, wrap or gel nail to seal, protect and shine with a tough, durable finish that will last and last. Resists even pure acetone. Must be filed off to be removed. Great for sealing nail art.
1/2 oz

DVD for Acrygel system

Natural Nail Dehydrant

Dehydrates the natural nail surface and balances the pH for maximum adhesion of acrylics, tips, polish and glue.
30 ml

Primer Pen


Finishing Wipe

To thoroughly cleanse not only the nail surface but surrounding tissue as well to completely remove all traces of gel residue.
Finishing wipe 4 oz #898
Finishing wipe with pump
4 oz #898-P
Finishing wipe refill
16 oz #898-S

T3 European Fibergel™

The first UV Gel made to work exclusively with Fiberglass for the Strongest gel nails ever!

  • incorporates the strength of fiberglass to create the most durable gel nails
  • exclusive Fibergel™ formula hides fiberglass fabric 100%
  • as durable as acrylic but thinner and lighter

New T3+ Fibergel™

New T3+ gives you pretty Pinker Pink and crisp Whiter White for the most brilliant French Manicure.

Pinker Pink 1 oz

Whiter White 1 oz

T3 Fibergel™

Clear 1 oz #962

Pink 1 oz #961

White 1 oz #964

Ultimate Fiberware

Fiberglass or Silk Wrap System with choice of spray-on or brush-on techniques for strong, beautiful natural looking nails

Star Nail Ultimate Fiberware


#875 1/2 oz
#876 1 oz

Star Nail Ultimate Fiberware

Brush on Resin

#607 1/2 oz

Star Nail Ultimate Fiberware

Enviro-Set Activator

#904 2 oz
#905 8 oz

Star Nail Ultimate Fiberware

Fiberglass with Dispenser Box

#901 1" x 12'

Star Nail Ultimate Fiberware

Silk Strips

#879 2 x 36" x 1"

Natural Nail UV Kapping with Calcium Plus+

The only uv-cure gel system specially formulated to help nails grow naturally.
Now your clients really can have longer, stronger natural nails.
Exclusive calcium fortified kapping gel...

  • bonds to the natural nail without lifting, chipping or peeling.
  • forms a permanent, durable, crystal-clear coating that seals in natural oils, shields the nail from harsh elements and strengthens and protects while encouraging growth.
  • allows nails to reach a desired length naturally.

Kapping Gel

1 oz

White Kapping Gel

1 oz

Kapping Sealer

A liquid plastic that seals and protects artificial nails with a tough, high gloss finish. Special UV inhibitors brighten and prevent yellowing. For gels and acrylics.
1/2 oz

Flash Monomer

for acrylic nails

2 oz

4 oz

8 oz

Star Nails Tips are designed to match and complement a variety of natural nail shapes.

Ultra Form

Full well, square style with straight sidewalls, great for flat nail plates.

Fine Point

Full well, tapered style with gentle curve, suited to arched nail plates.


Full well, slightly tapered tip with elegant, dramatic curve.

French Express

Half well – no blending, ultra white colour for French look, sleek taper style.

Refill package of 50

50 tips of one size

Mini pack of 100

10 tips of each size plus 3 gm. instant glue

Master pack of 360

36 tips of each size in a re-usable storage box

Scentuals Cuticle Oil – by Star Nail

Introducing our collection of four delicious fragrances in elegant and economical bubble bottles with dropper dispensers.
Conditioning formula includes quality ingredients such as wheat germ, safflower and grapeseed oils, organic calcium, vitamins A, D and B5 and silk protein for silky soft cuticles and longer, stronger nails.
75 ml (2.5oz)
Peach Vanilla #893-PV
Cranberry #893-C
Mango #893-M
Melon #893-ML

Wrap Gel – by Star Nail

For use with Brush-On Activator. Apply Gel, apply Brush-On Activator let set for 30-60 seconds, apply 2nd coat of Brush-On Activator or a 3rd coat etc.

Buff if needed for a smooth surface.

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