Manicure & Pedicure

Pedicure Slippers

Spa & Salon Foam Pedicure Slipper

Thong style
Disposable. Black, Pink, Yellow, Blue & White
12 pair
50 pair

Pedicure Slippers

Wrap around with velcro top closing. Made of white fleece with White trim

Terry Thong Slippers

Terry soft padded thong,
non-slip rubber sole. White
1 pair

Waffle Weave Cotton Slippers

Open toe, Non-slip sole
1 pair

Pellon Slippers

Pre-slit pedicure slipper.

Pk of 25 pair

Spa Ped Pedicure Slippers

White pellon. Top closing.
25 pair

Foam Slippers

“THONG” Design
Waterproof. May be reused, or disposable.
Pk of 6 pair

Shoe and Boot Covers or Slippers

50 pair

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