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Fabeaulous Feet Hygienic Pedicure Discs

The Fabeaulous Feet System uses a specially designed "tip" or drill bit that has a rounded flat surface and fits into a 1/8" collet of any nail drill. The self adhesive revolving discs adhere onto the tip and are disposable, making clean up easy and sanitary. These disposable discs fit around and in between the toes and will remove calluses and polish feet to perfection.

Fabeaulous Feet Unit

With electric cord – complete kit includes:
Drill unit
Drill bit attached to unit
30 Remove Discs
30 Polish Discs

Fabeaulous Feet Sanding Discs

Disposable one time use.


80 grit, ex-coarse
for hard skin and calluses
100 pk 300 pk


120 grit, medium
for smoothing and finishing
100 pk 300 pk


Discs Available

Remove 80 grit
Polish 120 grit
100 pk
300 pk

Drill Bit - Stainless Steel for Fabeaulous Feet Discs

New and Improved
1/8” Shank

Cordless Nail Tool by Dremel

Lightweight Nail Machine,
2 speeds, rechargeable,
2 year warranty, includes 3/32” collet

Replacement Charger
Replacement Battery Pack
3/32” collet replacement

Promed 620 De Luxe Nail Machine

  • Space-saving, innovative new design
  • white case, handpiece in purple glitter look (75g)
  • plug-in chuck with automatic locking for standard bits
  • support for the handpiece on the device
  • all-in-one control knob (20.000 rpm;right/left rotation; On/Off)
  • rotary knob with bright, sparkling gemstone (diamond shape)
  • Safety-Stop
  • speed display
  • 2 year warranty
  • For hands, feet and artificial nails

Nail Dust Collector Fan

Electric cord plugs into wall socket, one speed. Comes with 3 filter bags.

Replacement Filter Bag for Fan

Magni-Vac Air Vacuum Unit

Ideal for all nail and foot care services. Vacuum motor fan draws dust from the air produced during electric pedicures or artificial nails services. Includes 2 washable filters. LED integrated 3X magnification lens for close-up work. Standard table clamp included.


Professional Nail Dryer

Compact for any nail station. Activate by resting the hand inside the unit. Delivers cool air. powered by an AC power cord or 2 "C" batteries.

#SP 1025

LED LAMP by Silkline

Professional high power 20 watt LED lamp for light cured nail compounds and gel polish

  • For use on hands and feet: bulbs positioned strategically to cure all 5 fingers or toes at once
  • 3 preset timer options: 10/ 20/ 30 seconds
  • Auto 60 second on/off sensor function that is activated when a hand is removed from the lamp
  • Removable tray for easy sanitizing
  • Acetone resistant
  • Adapter included


Drill Bit Display Stand

Hold up to 6 bits
(Bits not included)

Drill Bits 3/32" shank

Fits most nail machines

Barrel Diamond – reg

Large Cone Diamond

Small Cone Diamond

Football Diamond

Football Diamond – small


Sapphire Cone – Large


Carbon Metal – barrel

Carbon Metal – cone

Carbon Metal

2 week French

Tapered White Buffing Stone

Pink or White Buffing Stone

Yellow Cone for Polishing


Grey Cone for


Small Pink Cone Abrasive


Small Pink Flame Abrasive


Large Pink Flame Abrasive


Medium Cone Diamond


Small Tapered Pt Diamond


Cone Rubber Bits

For pedicures
3/32” shaft
large or small

Mandrel - Metal

Mandrel Rubber

Sanding Bands for Mandrels

Coarse, medium or fine
10 pk
100 pk

Cone Sanding Caps

Coarse, medium or fine
large or small

5 pk
50 pk

Chamois Buffer

Use with buffing cream

Heated Nail Bubble Spa

Stimulating bubble massage for a soothing and relaxing pre-manicure soak to soften cuticles and condition nails. Electric cord, on/off button

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