Manicure & Pedicure

Ergonomic Manicure Bowls

Ergonomic Manicure Bowls

Unique collection of colourful, lightweight, resin material manicure bowls, comfortably designed to follow the hand's natural resting position.
Colours: Mediterranean Blue, Sweet Pea, Espresso, Frost, Onyx


NOTE: Frost (White) and Onyx (Black)


Miscellaneous Nail Items

Dampen Dishes: Glass

clear and colours
2 pk

Glass Medicine Dropper

9 cm
3 pk

Traditional Horseshoe Forms

Foil 500 pk

Square Forms

Gold and Black Foil
500 pk
100 pk

Tippy-Toes Toe Separators

2 pk


Individual disposable Toe Separators

Use 2 per foot
144 pk

Soft Gel Toe Separators

May be cooled or warmed for client comfort. Easy to clean.
1 pk

Plastic Liquid/Powder Droppers

15 cm long
pack of 5

Nail Brush Cleaner

For fine Kolinsky and Sable brushes

#350-R 4 oz.
#350-S 16 oz.

Professional Nail Brushes with Natural Wood Handles

Takalon Gel


Economy Round Sable


Economy Square Sable


Round Red Sable


Oval Kolinsky


Super Kolinsky


Ultimate Sculptor Kolinsky


Perfection Square Kolinsky


Ultimate "Big Boy" Sable


Nail Polish Remover

4 litre
1 litre
120 ml


4 L
1 L

Witch Hazel

3.8 L (1 gal)
1 L

IBD Artificial Nail Remover

473 ml

Remove-it Gel Polish Remover

Quickly and gently removes Gel Polish. Lanolin soothes and protects the skin from dryness.
118 ml
473 ml

Nail Polish Thinner

59 ml

Nail Varnish Corrector Pen

Includes 2 refill tips

Replacement Corrector Pen Tips

Primer Pen


Manicure Bowl Deep Style

Available in Clear, White

Practice Manicuring Hand
Practice Manicuring Finger
Nail Brush with Handle
Finger Grip Nail Brush
Ceramic Manicure Bowl


White Manicure/Nail Pencil

Soak Off Nail Wraps

For removal of Gel Polish and Acrylic Nails

Foil Nail Wraps

Pliable aluminum foil with
absorbent non-woven pad.
Use less acetone than soaking.
Easy to apply. Disposable.


DeMert Nail Enamel Dryer

Finishing Spray

328 g

Birchwood Sticks 7"

18 cm long flat ends
50 pk
144 pk
500 pk

Birchwood Sticks

Short 41???2 in. (111???2 cm)
point/flat ends
50 pk
144 pk

Plastic Cuticle Pusher

3 pk

French Manicure Guides

100 pk

Liquid Hand Soap by
Camillen 60

Helps prevent fungal infection, hydrating and antiseptic.

Excellent Nail Soak

for the manicure station
300 ml Dispenser Pump
1000 ml Refill

Triple Lanolin Aloe Vera Lotion Original or Lavender

For Hands &???Body

Original or Lavender

590 ml pump Bottle

3.8 L (1 Gal)

Original only
170 ml tube


Conditioner and Moisturizer for nails and skin. Great for Hot Oil Treatments.

Peach or Pink Fresh Scent
1 Gal 3.78 L #G2026
32 oz 946 ml (Fresh scent only)
16 oz 473 ml

Clear Line Cuticle Softener & Remover

120 ml
1 L
4 L

Clear Line Cuticle Oil

With Vitamins E & F
120 ml
1 L
4 L


Creamy Cuticle Remover - softens and conditions
#40504 4 oz 120 ml

Nail Brite

Whitening scrub cleanser, conditions and brightens nails. Perfect for French Manicures. Safe for artificial & natural nails. Nail scrub brush included.
#2027 4 oz 120 ml

Komfort Wedge

Hand support system for manicures (or pedicures). Charcoal Grey colour foam.
14" x 17"

Heated Nail Bubble Spa

Stimulating bubble massage for a soothing and relaxing pre-manicure soak to soften cuticles and condition nails. Electric cord, on/off button

Kidney-Shaped Cups

25 pk

Table Towels

For Manicure, Pedicure or Facial area
Sanitary, Absorbent, Disposable
12" x 17" 50 pk

Mini Wipes

Lint Free for nail services, etc.
4" x 4" 50 pk

Lint Free Nail Wipes

5 x 5 cm (2 x 2")
200 pk

Nail Polish Displays

Clear Acrylic (polish not included)

12 polish display
L14cm x D12cm x H12cm

24 polish display (shown)
L28cm x D11cm x H12cm

48 polish display
L28cm x D23cm x H24cm

Empty Polish Bottles

1/2 oz.
1/8 oz.

Tip It Polish Tilt

Convenient non-slip, plastic Primer and Polish Holder

Hindo Stone for cuticles

pink or grey

TITANIA Chiropody Foot Sponge

Black Lava Pumice Stone

Natural Lava Rock Pumice

For hands, feet and body.
Contains basaltic minerals, silicon, oxygen, magnesium and iron.

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