Body Care

Mitts, Gloves, Brushes

Cleansing Massage Mitts

For fast and easy cleansing after body treatments, etc. Finest European quality, washable, white
Pair (Set of 2)

Sisal and Terry Bath Glove
with thumb

Sisal Mitt with wrist band

Sisal and Terry Pad

Rope Friction Mitt

Loofah Mitt

Nylon Friction Mitt

various colours

Sisal Mitt

Exfoliating Gloves

For body treatments.
Various colours
Set of 2

Renaissance Mitt

For a unique rejuvenating bath or shower massage. The micro-scopic fiber mitt, can be used on any part of the body. The small pad is used on sensitive areas such as feet or the face. Available in ruby, champagne, or chocolate

Pure Natural Fiber
Massage Mitt

For gentle body massage

Loofah Pad

Cotton Gloves – White

All purpose and for hand treatments. Size –medium

6 pr

Body Brush

Natural bristle for dry brushing & all regular body treatments

Loofah Body Brush

with long handle

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