Gernétic Professional Skin Care Line Produces Amazing Results!

Discover the holistic approach to beauty.

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Gernétic A Professional Natural

Skin Care Line from France

Discover the holistic approach to beauty.

Gernétic beauty care products are made of biological and plant extracts, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, proteins and noble oils. The 100% natural principles guarantee optimal results without risk of allergy.

The Gernétic secret is simple: treat the causes not the symptoms! The skin is a reflection of the body's inner state, so the Gernétic unique method addresses internal deficiencies in order to improve or eliminate external problems. "Improve Health – Improve Beauty"

Gernétic offers a wide range of beauty products for the face, hands and body. Whatever the demands in the professional skin care clinic, Gernétic will deliver a suitable successful treatment and home care protocol to ensure client satisfaction.

Gernétic is available in 50 countries and 70,000 beauty salons and spas around the world.


Face Therapy

With time, the skin becomes dehydrated, lacking suppleness and elasticity, while the complexion loses its radiance. As a result, it becomes vital to provide it with active ingredients. Each of the skin’s specific needs must be paired with a corresponding and specially formulated high performance Gernétic skin care product.

Les Parfaits

LUXE LINE by Gernétic Laboratories

Three innovative and highly complex
TIMELESS products effectively fight against the cutaneous ageing of the face and hands

Body Treatments

Maintaining a beautiful body and regaining the curves and firmness of a toned body requires a healthy lifestyle. In the majority of cases the restructuring of the figure means dealing with various causes that need to be identified and treated on an individual basis

Spa Line

It is all about relaxation and de-stressing, health and beauty, treating internal problems as well as the external conditions that they cause. Gernétic has marine products (rich in essential nutritional elements) with the active ingredients of ESSENTIAL OILS, to create a treatment which, through cutaneous penetration, stimulates a process of osmosis and a state of positive physiological synergy.

Men’s Line

Today face care for MEN is in greater demand. Having a well-moisturized, well cared for and less wrinkled complexion is an additional asset to personal and professional life.


The body needs to be provided with enough vitamins, trace elements (minerals) and amino acids in our daily diet if it is to continue functioning properly. The modern diet, which is largely dictated by the food processing industry, provides less and less of these essential nutrients.

Sun Protection

Gernétic’s sun protection range allows us to tan “intelligently“ by preserving specific characteristics of the skin.

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