France Laure

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France Laure

France Laure is created with the simple philosophy
PREVENT – ACT – MAINTAIN – according to the age, type and condition of the skin.

The name France Laure is synonymous with quality skin care, conceived and developed from marine and botanical extracts and a perfect combination of vitamins and bio-elements.

Formulated from high quality active ingredients,
France Laure has been created to treat and improve
the skin’s appearance, extending its beauty and vitality as long as possible.


France Laure is divided into six easy to identify categories based on skin types and needs.

Sensibelle – Sensitive Skin

Gentle ingredients like chamomile extract, lanolin and azulene help to soothe, restore suppleness and reduce irritation to delicate, sensitive skin.

Hydradermal – Dehydrated Skin

Every skin type can become dehydrated and will appreciate the nourishing and rebalancing properties that come with deep hydration from linden flower, caviar and honey extracts.

ClariPhase – Oily Skin

Extracts of yeast, lemon and red currant, and oils of rosemary and thyme, help to reduce inflammation and the appearance of large pores, and absorb excess oil secretions to purify the skin.

Ultime Jeunesse – Mature Skin

This luxurious line is for mature, demanding skin that benefits from marine collagen and elastin, jojoba extract and Vitamins A, C and E to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and the effects of ageing.

Rebalance – Combination

Designed to normalize oil secretions and reduce acne flare ups with anti-bacterial, soothing and healing ingredients like cucumber extract, artichoke extract and witch hazel.

Nutri-Laure – Dry Skin

Filled with emollient oils, almond extract and beeswax, this rich line is lubricating, hydrating, regenerative and deeply penetrating for dry skin.

France Laure Professional Treatments are used by salons and dermatologists around the world.

Dermolyse is a enzymatic peeling treatment that targets dead skin cells leaving healthy ones intact. Suitable for all skin types.

Thermessence is a three step treatment that combines botanical serum active massage cream followed by a skin specific alginate mask that heats and cools.

Bio Laure Treatments combine freeze dried biological products with mineral serum followed with a skin specific treatment mask to replenish skin's elasticity and vitality.

Proto Coll treatments are unique Micro-Collagen masks that hydrate and promote cellular renewal and target specific skin issues.

Super Moisturizing Algae is an intensive treatment designed to stimulate, revitalize and hydrate the deep skin tissues.

Enzyme Fruit Peeling is a gentle peel made from the natural enzymes of papaya and pineapple. Gently eliminates dead cells and impurities from the corneal layer while brightening the complexion.

Sculpture 3D
High Performance Firmness Treatment

Targets wrinkles and fine lines in 3 dimensions: width, length and depth on 3 distinct areas, the face, neck and décolleté. For best results use High Performance Firmness Cream with High Performance Firmness Serum.


The combined use of the Lumiperfection Serum and Cream reduces the production of melanin and diminishes spots, lightens and evens out the complexion. Skin becomes luminous and renewed without chemicals.

Duo Lift

This revolutionary home treatment helps smooth wrinkles and expression lines. Duo Lift generates muscular relaxation and reduces depth of wrinkles for renewed youth.

Aqua Laure Body Care

France Laure brings the sea to you with Aqua Laure, a complete body care line that combines a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals that generate impressive results with products like Dead Sea Salts and Micronized Algaes, luxurious shower gels and a variety of home care products.

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