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The Footlogix Advantage Footlogix is an innovative product line designed to provide effective care for a variety of skin conditions affecting the foot – from simple dryness to even more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes.


Footlogix is a cream mousse that closely mimics the skin‘s own composition which supplements, rejuvenates, moisturizes and repairs each layer of the epidermis and creates a non-occlusive barrier on the feet that allows the skin to breathe.

This mousse incorporates a ground breaking technology called Dermal Integration Technology (DIT). DIT is a patented trans-dermal technology that combines a balance of water and natural lipids.

With DIT, Footlogix penetrates faster and deeper into the skin, leaving no excess or greasy residue, Footlogix quickly improves the skin’s overall health.

The brilliance behind the Footlogix mousse is the DIT technology, combined with Urea and Co-enzyme Q10, making it the most effective moisturizer for the feet available today. It provides much better coverage on the surface of the feet, has a longer lasting effect and once applied, it will not wash off with water. Footlogix is also fragrance and alcohol free.

Footlogix Footcare Mousse with Dermal Integration Technology

Footlogix Counter Display Pre-Pack

  • Plexiglass counter display pre-pack is the perfect choice for the spa, salon or clinic
  • Transparent back display panel with two interchangeable posters to choose from
  • Display comes pre-packaged with bestselling Footlogix products that can be refilled when needed
  • L13”xW7”xH10”


Display includes 3 each of the following products:

#1 – DD Cream Mousse – 125ml

#3+ - Cracked Heel Formula – 125ml

#7+ - Rough Skin Formula – 125ml

#7T – Anti-fungal Toe Tincture – 50ml

#9 – Foot Deodorant Spray – 125ml

#10 – Shoe Deodorant Spray – 125ml

#1 DD Cream Mouse

5% Urea
125 ml
300 ml

#2 Daily Maintenance Formula

5% Urea
125 ml

#3 Very Dry Skin Formula

10% Urea
125 ml
300 ml

#3+ Cracked Heel Formula

25% Urea
125 ml

#4 Cold Feet Formula

Urea, Arnica, Rosemary
125 ml

#5 Sweaty Feet Formula

Sage, Oak Bark
125 ml

#7 Peeling Skin Formula

1% Clotrimazole, Anti-Fungal
125 ml

#7+ Rough Skin Formula – Dry Skin

1% Clotrimazole, Anti-Fungal,10% Urea
125 ml

#7T Anti-Fungal Nail Tincture Spray

1% Clotrimazole, Panthenol, Avocado Oil
50 ml

#8 Tired Legs Formula

Urea, Horse Chestnut, Witch Hazel
125 ml

#9 Foot Deodorant Pump Spray

Tea Tree Oil, Menthol
125 ml

#10 Shoe Deodorant Pump Spray

Fresh fragrance

125 ml

#13 Foot Soak Concentrate

Anti-fungal, callus softening
250 ml
1000 ml
3.79 L

#15 Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub

Organic seaweed, essential oils and micro-grained natural pumice
250 ml
946 ml

#18 Callus Softener

Spray on cuticles and calluses
Professional Use Only
946 ml
3.79 L

#19 Massage Formula

For feet and legs
500 ml
250 ml

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