Ballet Disposable Needles

50 pk
10 pk

Ballet Gold – 002/3/4
50 pk
10 pk

Sterex Disposable Needles

Two piece
F2s Short, F3s Short & Regular
F4s Short & Regular
50 pk

IBIS Disposable Needles
Discontinued Product

Misc. Needle Holders, Cords, etc.

various prices

Plastic Needle Holders


Electrolysis Client Cards

50 pk

Blend ST - 250 Electrolysis Unit

Performance, simplicity, efficiency and precision. Fully computerized controls. Built-in memory programs or manual options, allow customized hair removal methods of your choice. Flexibility and simplicity all in one.
Silhouet-Tone #411100

Self Sealing Sterilization Pouches

Convenient way to autoclave your instruments
Regular 3.5 in x 9 in, 200 pk
Larger 5.25 in x 10 in, 200 pk

Indicator Test Strips for Autoclave

10 pk

Replacement Gasket for Autoclave

Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes while working with comfortable, clear safety glassses

Clear safety glasses that fit comfortably over prescription glasses

LED Safety Glasses

2 LED lights
Regular and magnifying reader lens

Spring-Clip Magnifier

Lightweight optical aid, attaches to glasses, Working distance 10"
2X Magnification

Sharps & Needle Collector

1.4 L

Isopropyl Alcohol – 70%

3.8 litre 1 gal

Isopropyl Alcohol – 99%

3.8 litre 1 gal

Witch Hazel

3.8 litre 1 gal
1 litre 33.8 oz

MRX Antiseptic Liquid

350 ml
1 litre

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