Manicure & Pedicure


Professional Therapeutic Foot Care, including hand, nail and body, with fresh scent, silky texture and the healing powers of Camomile.

Foot Bath

Cleanse, refresh, deodorize
CM 8035...200 ml
CM 9035...1000 ml
CM 9090...5000 ml

Foot Bath Salts

Refreshing, revitalizing,
aching feet
CM 8040...350 g
CM 9070...1350 g
CM 9075...5000 g

Foot Balm

General massage cream with hydrating camomile, azulene and camphor
CM 8002.2...100 ml
CM 9012...450 ml w/pump

Foot Balm Plus
(5% Urea)

Same as Foot Balm but with added 5% urea for very dry and scaly skin
CM 8005.2...100 ml
CM 9013...450 ml w/pump

Callus Balm
(15% Urea)

Intensive reduction of calluses
CM 8011.2...100 ml
CM 9029...450 ml w/pump

Callus Softener

Gel solution with lactic acid and willow bark to soften calluses and corns
CM 8022...125 ml
CM 9016...500 ml

Schrunden Cream

For cracked skin and fissures
CM 8080.2...100 ml
CM 9080...450 ml w/pump

Foot Balsam for Diabetics (10% Urea)

For rough, dry, sensitive skin
CM 8008.2...100 ml
CM 9028...450 ml

Ice Gel

Cooling effect on hot, stressed feet
CM 8012.2...100 ml

Foot Balm Special

Warming care and protection for cold feet
CM 8015.2...100 ml

Foot Deo Balm

Blocks foot odour
CM 8018.2...100 ml

Hand Cream

With Camomile and Azulene
CM 8030.2...100 ml
CM 9047...450 ml w/pump

Liquid Hand Cleanser Soap

Hydrating and antibacterial for frequently washed hands. Excellent manicure nail soak.
CM 8048...300 ml dispenser
CM 9048...1000 ml refill

Fudes Solution

Fungus protection
CM 8077...20 ml

Aloe Vera & Olive Oil

A new Wellness Foot Care Treatment offers co-ordinated products for cabine that regenerate stressed foot skin and creates an atmosphere of relaxation for the client. Aloe to heal and protect against bacteria, viruses and fungi, and Olive Oil with its Vitamin E to improve elasticity.

Foot Bath Salts

Suitable for jet baths, cleansing
CM 8041...350 g
CM 9141...1350 g

Peeling Gel

Natural gentle abrasive particles
CM 80162...100 ml
CM 9116...450 ml


Moisturizing and regenerating for dry, stressed feet
CM 80172...100 ml
CM 9117...450 ml

Massage Balm

Rich, luxurious foot massage
CM 9119...450 ml


Apply with brush, wrap feet for 10 minutes
CM 9118...450 ml

Aloe & Olive Foam

Soothes and protects against inflammation
CM 8019...150 ml

Fresh Foam Repair Balm

Camomile bisabolol, glycerin and panthenol provide skin with valuable care and protection. Natural oils from grape seed, lemongrass and the fresh fruity oils of grapefruit and orange lend the skin a wonderfully pleasant fresh feel. Skin is cared for and refreshed.

Fresh Foam Basic

Normal Skin ??? 2% Urea
CM 8054...150 ml

Fresh Foam Sensitive

Dry, Sensitive, Diabetic ??? 5% Urea
CM 8055...150 ml

Fresh Foam Hydro

Very Dry, chapped ??? 10% Urea
CM 8056...150 ml

Fresh Foam Intense

Cracks, Calluses ??? 15% Urea
CM 8057...150 ml

Fresh Foam Protect

Anti-fungal, Perspiration and Odour Control
CM 8058...150 ml

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